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About the program

CHEST Insight 2.0 is a comprehensive, one stop solution to elevate the practice of HCPs in the Asthma domain. The HCPs will be able to access the complete sessions on “Asthma” from CHEST in an interactive format along with pre and post assessments followed by a webinar with CHEST and Indian Experts.

Pathophysiology, Diagnosis & Classification of Asthma

Definition, Epidemiology, and pathophysiology of Asthma

This section discusses that asthma is best managed with a personalized approach to its evaluation and management. It helps understand asthma and its immunology, phenotypes, and biomarkers.

Understanding asthma immunology, phenotypes, and biomarkers

This section gives evidence of the pathological effects of air pollution in asthma exacerbations and asthma. It also examines possible therapeutic interventions to reduce harm from air pollution.

Hands on inhaler education for your busy practice

This section begins with a brief overview of severe asthma followed by a discussion of various therapeutic options like biologics, antibiotics, and bronchial thermoplasty in treating asthma.

Air Pollution and Asthma Mechanism of harm and considerations for clinical interventions

This reading section highlights the importance of educating patients and doctors about using inhalers correctly. It also gives an idea of various types of inhalers and explains the techniques to use them.

Asthma Management

Guidelines based Management

This section uses updated guidelines to highlight asthma management with asthma questionnaires, step-wise therapy, immunotherapy, etc.

The selection in Biologics: No easy task

This section gives an overview of the different biologics recommended for asthma and provides suggested recommendations for selecting these biologics.

New Updates in Asthma Guidelines (EPR-4)

This section highlights an update on various options for asthma care, including indoor allergen management and immunotherapy, fractional exhaled nitric oxide, long-acting muscarinic antagonists, and smart therapy for asthma.

Non-T2 Asthma: An Unmet Need

This reading section describes strategies to prevent and manage endocrine complications linked with oral corticosteroids (OCS) use and guides OCS dose management after introducing steroid-sparing therapies.

ASTHMA: How I Do It: Managing Corticosteroid-Related Comorbidities in Severe Asthma

This reading section gives an overview of non-T2 asthma and discusses the various consideration in its management.

Asthma-COPD Overlap Syndrome (ACOS)

Current understanding of ASTHMA COPD overlap

This section discusses the definition, physiological and pathological features, clinical assessment, and the role of biomarkers followed by managing asthma COPD overlap (ACO).

Recent Advances in Chest Medicine: Clinical Approach to the Therapy of Asthma-COPD Overlap

This reading section covers the differential diagnosis, diagnostic evaluation with a direct approach, and current treatment strategies for pulmonary eosinophilia syndromes.

ASTHMA: How I Do It: Approach to Eosinophilia Presenting With Pulmonary Symptoms

This reading section provides an overview of available treatments for asthma and COPD and explores their potential role in treating patients with ACO.

Webinar led by CHEST & Indian Experts

Chest Insight 2.0 Webinar Recording

The objective of the recording content is to provide the learners a blend of evidence and experience-based practical learning

60% is the passing criteria to receive a certificate of participation